What are Band Neutrophils?

Definition of Band Neutrophils + primary function:

Neutrophils are a type of cell belonging to the white blood cell (WBC) group. This family is commonly referred to as the “leukocytes,” and their primary function is to protect our bodies from stressors and infection.

A mature neutrophil circulating in the bloodstream will have a divided or segmented nucleus:

segmented neutrophils

The nucleus of a less mature neutrophil will not be separated but will have a rod-like “band” shape:

band neutrophils


Left shift is an increase in the number of immature leukocytes, such as band neutrophils.  These immature cells make it into the bloodstream because chemical signals (cytokines, complement, etc.) released from the site of inflammation stimulate the bone marrow to release them prematurely. They continue to mature after entering the bloodstream, and the left shift will usually disappear within a few days if the cause of the inflammation is addressed.

An increased neutrophil count with a left shift is typically associated with bacterial infection, and may be increased in other inflammatory conditions or post-surgically:

band neutrophils segmented neutrophils

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