What is the LA/DGLA Ratio? High and low values | Lab results explained

LA/DGLA is a fatty acid ratio.


La DGLA ratio high low meaning treatment zinc deficiency genova
LA/DGLA Ratio (


LA/DGLA linolenic acid (=LA) and dihomogammalinolenic acid (=DGLA).

The LA/DGLA ratio is a biomarker that can indicate functional zinc deficiency.

Approximately 100 enzymes that support biochemical reactions in the body rely on zinc.

Zinc is needed for:

– wound healing,

– a healthy immune system,

– a healthy sense of taste and smell,

– and for sexual maturation and development in children.

Zinc also provides protection against the toxic metal cadmium.

Higher values:

The ratio of LA to DGLA increases when the Delta 6 desaturase enzyme is inhibited by:

– zinc and magnesium deficiency,

– elevated insulin,

– or dietary excess of saturated, monoenoic, or trans fatty acid.

Under these conditions, the enzyme cannot convert the substrate (LA) to its product (DGLA) fast enough. The production of all desaturation products is affected, including GLA, EPA and AA. These longer chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, then must be supplied from the diet or supplements.


The Linoleic Acid: Dihomo-γ-Linolenic Acid Ratio (LA:DGLA)—An Emerging Biomarker of Zn Status [L]


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