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5 MINUTES WITH AN EVERYDAY VEGAN: Ronnie Domantay Fernandez from Mandaluyong City, Philippines


We asked Ronnie Domantay Fernandez from Mandaluyong City, Philippines about his vegan journey.
Ronnie is a Jivamukti Yoga teacher and Operations Support System engr. at Nokia

You can get inspired by this young very athletic vegan on Instagram @ranifernandez77

How did you become vegan?

Looking through resources for vegetarian lifestyle online, I came across videos that show the reality of dairy and egg industry. That was it. I turned vegan almost overnight.

What is the most common question you have to answer about veganism and how do you answer it?

“How about protein?”

I answer straightforward:

Even white rice has enough protein to get you through the day, unless you are a bodybuilder.

You can get more protein from beans, peanuts and other legumes, nuts, spirulina and so many other available plant-based sources.”

Then I flex my biceps and pecs. LOL!!!

What is your favourite quick to fix vegan snack?

Roasted peanuts.


What is the perfect breakfast or first meal of the day?

Can’t go wrong with: Banana-oat-peanut butter (plus any or all superfood available in the pantry: chia, cacao nibs, flax seeds, maca, chlorella, spirulina, nooch…) smoothie.

What is your favourite vegan place?

Wabi-Sabi (noodle house)

What is your favourite vegan product?

Beanfields bean and rice chips (black and pepper, sea salt and unsalted variants)

Please share your favourite tips on vegan cooking?

Don’t cook much (I usually use the blender) but when I cook, I like to make it intuitive.

Do you take supplements if yes please explain?

Yes, I take some vegan protein powder and creatine and other superfoods for faster muscle recovery. I recently discovered essential oils as well to get rid of toxins and help balance the body’s overall condition.

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