What’s new on our site?

Here are a few of the recent updates that we pushed out with our latest version of (Version 5):

  • Internationalization: We are now supporting all European Medical Units in addition to the US standard units. This will help our users from the UK, Germany, France and the rest of Europe to track their blood results more easily. For more details on the list of biomarkers and their units, please visit


  • Sorting Biomarkers by status: Users can now sort their biomarkers by optimal, medium and critical on their personal dashboard. Login or create an account, upload your biomarkers and check out your updated dashboard for the sorting function. We believe that this will be a very important feature to see the status of your blood at a glance and helps you to focus on the biomarkers that matter the most for you.


  • Instant Biomarker Test: This is an exciting feature that we were working on for quite some time. We now allow users to check the status of their biomarkers instantly on the site without the need to sign up for an account. We give you instantaneous feedback as to where your biomarker falls on the optimal range spectrum. You can find the instant biomarker test on the home page of or on any of the biomarker detail pages. Here is an example:

instant-biomarker-testWe are working on a very exciting and new update (Version 6) already. We have a number of super interesting updates in store for you and cannot wait to share them. If you like these type of blog updates, please let us know in the comments and we make sure to do these for every update.



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