What are Eosinophils? Definition + Low / High Reference ranges + Function

Eosinophils are one of five types of WBCs found in the human body; all are produced by the bone marrow.

eosinophils low blood test high means function definition

Eosinophils account for less than 7% of all circulating white blood cells and have two distinct functions: they destroy invading germs and create an inflammatory response, particularly if an allergy is involved. A healthcare professional may recommend an eosinophil count if you’ve already had a blood differential test and the results were abnormal. Specifically, an eosinophil count may be useful in the diagnoses of the following:

  • An allergic reaction
  • Infection by a parasite
  • Cushing’s disease (a disorder caused by too much of the steroid hormone cortisol)

Normal reference range:

The normal reference range of Eosinophils is 1 to 7% of your total white blood cell count.

eosinophils low high meaning definition range normal

Find out what it means if your Eosinophils values are too high or too low @

If you are looking for Eosinophils reference ranges for absolute values in cells/uL please visit this page:

For general information on the white blood cell differential test, please go here:


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