What is p-Hydroxyphenyllactate?

P-Hydroxyphenyllactate is a marker of cell turnover. It is also a metabolite in tyrosine degradation and may be useful for studying disorders of tyrosine metabolism, including inborn errors of metabolism, and liver disease. High levels of p-hydroxyphenyllactate may respond to high intakes of vitamin C, which aids in restoration of normal metabolism and cell control.

p-Hydroxyphenyllactate high low meaning

Increased p-Hydroxyphenyllactate:

High levels of p-hydroxyphenyllactate is associated with increased oxidative stress, and may indicate a strong need for other antioxidants as well.

Potential intervention:

Vitamin C to bowel tolerance. Bowel tolerance is usually up to 100 mg/kg, as determined by 500 mg dosing repeated every 30 minutes.




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