What is Vanilmandelate?

Vanilmandelate is a noradrenalin metabolite.

Nutrient association: Essential amino acids

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Vanilmandelate (VMA) and Homovanillate (HVA) are breakdown products from neurotransmitters involved in hormone and nerve impulse transmission, called catecholamines.

Treatments to improve digestion, along with supplementation of tyrosine or phenylalanine, can help improve the ability to keep up with demand for these neurotransmitters.

High levels:

Elevations of Vanilmandelate and Homovanillate indicate an over-activation of nervous system function involving these neurotransmitters. This can be for various reasons, but is most commonly associated with stress, both internal (e.g., mental/emotional) and external (e.g., environmental toxins).

Addressing the source of stress and improving the body’s ability to handle stress are useful in these cases.

Vanilmandelate, a metabolite of epinephrine and norepinephrine, is often elevated due to stress increasing catecholamine output from the adrenal gland or from lead toxicity.

Possible causes:

  • Increased catecholamine activity/stress pattern
  • Possible deficient CNS dopamine receptors
  • Oxidant stress (if MHPG is normal or low)

Additional investigations:

  • Adrenal Hormone Profile
  • Total Antioxidant Status

Treatment considerations:

  • Adrenal support
  • Stress management

Low levels:

When these compounds are low, it indicates your body is not making enough of these neurotransmitters. Symptoms associated with this condition are depression, sleep disturbances, inability to deal with stress, and fatigue.

Possible causes:

  • Low precursors/neurotransmitters (phenylalanine, dopamine, noradrenalin)
  • Low cofactors (B2, B6, Mo, Cu, Fe)
  • Impaired methylation

Additional investigations:

  • Vitamins & Minerals Analysis
  • Hair Mineral Analysis
  • Urinary Amino Acids

Treatment considerations:

  • L-tyrosine & B6
  • B2, Mo, Cu or Fe if low
  • Support methylation (methionine/SAMe, B6, B12, folate, Mg)


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