What is Arachidic Acid? High and low values | Lab results explained

Arachidic acid (also called eicosanoic acid) is a long-chain saturated fatty acid. It is the elongation product of stearic acid and can be utilized as an energy source to build membranes.

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Arachidic acid is found naturally in fish and vegetable oils (such as those from peanuts). It is structurally related to the  polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid Arachidonic acid and can also be formed by the hydrogenation of arachidonic acid.

It’s name derives from the Latin arachis—peanut.

Higher levels:

  • Its accumulation can interfere with essential fatty acid metabolism, as it inhibits the Delta-6 desaturase enzyme needed to produce DGLA, EPA, and AA.
  • Diets rich in saturated fatty acids, such as arachidic acid, are known to increase serum low-density lipoproteins resulting in high blood cholesterol levels.




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